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EnterURL's Page Analysis is a powerful tool that allows you to analyze your web page from a search engine's perspective. What designers often forget is that what is appealing to the human eye is rarely appealing to a search engine spider.

When many search engines index your page, they decide how high to rank it on various keyword searches based mostly on the content of the page and the way it is put together. The search engines guard the criteria they use to analyze web sites, leaving most people to simply guess or follow basic guidelines.

We have developed a process that is used to reverse analyze search engines in such a way that we are able to get a fairly accurate understanding of how a search engine will view your web page. We have accomplished this by doing thousands of searches on each of the engines, then analyzing the top results and building averages based on the results we find. For example, if our research finds that 95% of the top ranking web sites have a specific element, that fact is stored in our database. When EnterURL's analysis experts analyze your web page, they will check to see if your page includes that element.

Our analysis team is constantly running searches, so we are always fine-tuning the criteria used to help you build higher-ranking pages.

At the conclusion of our analysis, you will be provided with a detailed report grading individual sections of your web site. The report will make recommendations on what to change and where to change it in an effort to help substantially boost your search engine ranking.
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"Well, I would say if you want to save about 65% on professional SEO, then you would go with eBrandz. I have experience with other SEO companies that have charged us 100K for a fraction of the work that ebrandz has done. After four months, increase in traffic was about 200-300% and sales shot up by 80%. Our ROI so far is about 300% and growing."

- Lawrence Kreger, Owner,
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"Our Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of revenue vs. what we pay eBrandz has been 1800%! I calculated it"

- David Schnitt, President.
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