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Ranking comparison report:

Ranking is probably one of the most exciting features that EnterURL currently offers. It provides a wealth of information that would otherwise take hours or even days to gather by hand.

Ranking tells you many essential facts about your web site. First, the position of your web site is displayed based on a search for your site keywords and the engines they appear on. Our report digs as far down as 500 unique results per engine, per keyword. Next, the search engine results page number that your site appears on is listed. This information is important as some engines display a different number of results per page. Common statistics say that most people will look at the first three pages and stop. You may be number 35 on Yahoo, but still appear on the second results page, not the fourth.

Ranking also looks for your site URL count. This is a search for the number of times your website appears in a particular search engine database. For some engines, the more times you are listed, the better your chances are of ranking higher.

Finally, ranking looks for your site link count. When other websites post a link to you, some engines find that your site is more valuable and thus increases the possibility of your site ranking higher. For the engines that provide this information, the higher the number, the better off you are. This is in large part the reason of including various FFA and link directory sites in EnterURL's submission database.

If you are curious as to where your site currently resides in the most popular internet search engines, our comprehensive ranking report is absolutely for you.
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